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J&K: too many coincidences
  • syed salahuddin
    syed salahuddin
It was the most lethal attack in recent years against the Indian army, defined and not without reason by many analysts "a real war action". Pulwama's attack, promptly claimed by Jaish-e-Mohammed, a Deobandi terrorist organization based in Lahore and its surroundings, marks first of all a change of strategy in the tactics used until now in Kashmir by various terrorists and jihads: yes it is a suicide attack, a stranger to this moment in the mentality of the Kashmiris. And it is an attack that needed careful planning and means not in possession of the ordinary local guerrilla groups. Not surprisingly, months ago, Abdul Rasheed Ghazi, a veteran of the war in Afghanistan who was an expert on explosives, had been infiltrated in Kashmir. And, again a couple of months ago, General Amjad from the Pakistani screens fancied (or suggested) the hypothesis of new attacks in style in Indian Kashmir. A case? Maybe. It is certainly a coincidence that during the Kashmir Martyrs Day of 5 February the demonstrators officially thanked the Pakistani government on behalf of Jaish-e.Mohammed and Lashkar-i-Toiba. It is by no means random that the head of the aforementioned Jaish-e-Mohammed, Masood Azhar, lives in Pakistan as free as his partner Mohammed Hafiz Saeed and that, despite continuous Indian requests, Azhar has not been included by the United Nations in the list of international terrorists because of the Chinese veto. Pakistan, as in the case of Hafiz Saeed, declares that it has no reason to believe that Azhar is a terrorist because he has never committed crimes in Pakistani territory. And the Chinese continue to support Islamabad by actually sponsoring the theory of good and bad terrorists, at least until it converges on Beijing. But there is something that should worry the international community: in recent days there have been two attacks by JeM and affiliates: one in Iran, the other in Kashmir. And in one of the recorded videos just before he blew himself up, the Pulwana bomber clearly linked his actions to the "victory of the Taliban in Afghanistan". All coincidences?
Francesca Marino