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Masood Azhar resurfaces
  • Masood Azhar
    Masood Azhar
Epistle by your servant,

Assalam-u-Alaikum, Peace be upon you,

May Allah bless the "people of Kashmir". Give them the strength, strength and dominance. Give them victory, protection and independence. And the mujahideen ... with their stormy attacks ... have approached near to their destination. Due to the fear, the ant grew wings and the jackal is on its way to the city. The Modi government has admitted his humiliation and defeat by revoking the the special status of Kashmir .. and he has threw an ax on his foot… One chapter of Ghazwa-e-Hind and of Jihad Kashmir has been completed. Alhumdulillah the Mujahideen of Kashmir got victory in Kashmir. Now the next chapter begins. .. Vast, sublime and victorious .. it just needs some air, Kashmiris need to get out [of their homes">... Then the enemy will beg for peace and negotiation. Modi, the pet bully of the rich polytheists, thinks that if the special status of Kashmir is over, Hindu capitalists like "Ambani", "Mittal" and “Jindal” will buy whole Kashmir...and then they will earn money through tourism and forbidden acts, while Kashmiri Muslims will lose their existence.…Modi !! This is a dream..that will never be fulfilled..look a little towards your can be seen, the red…



Servant ..

Allah is the Messenger of Allah [Islamic Shahada">

This, according to the think tank Aurora Intel, is the latest message to his followers from Masood Azhar. Who's apparently alive and kicking despite the voices of his death and the funerals held in Karachi in absentia for him. Since the day of his designation by UN as an international terrorist, Pakistan is keeping underground the chief of Jaish-e-Mohammed, preventing him from giving speeches in mosques or releasing audio tapes. The authenticity of the message could not be verified, writes Faran Jeffrey from Aurora Intel, but seems to be proven. And seems to echo, in a disturbing way, the words of the Prime Minister Imran Khan commenting the scrapping of article 370 in Kashmir: “With an approach of this nature, incidents like Pulwama are bound to happen again. I can already predict this will happen”. Days ago, commenting on the same issue, the former High Commissioner for Pakistan Wajid Shamsul Hasan, in a not even so subtle threatening way, said: “It is very difficult to de-escalate the present situation. Especially if you look at Imran Khan’s statement in Washington that there are 32-40 thousand Jihadi itching to intervene. So the situation is likely to explode in a few months time, or earlier than that. This will be a war that no one will win, and the implications will be global”. And apparently, after the devasting diplomatic failure suffered by Pakistan, the Army have decided to revert to the usual strategy: cross border terrorism. According to sources, in fact, ISI has given a go ahead to JeM to carry out targeted attacks in India. Since days, actually since a couple of days before the Indian Government declared the intention to scrap article 370, the group had started mobilising trained cadres to move towards the LoC. Already Ibrahim Azhar, Masood Azhar’s elder brother, has been moved to Pakistan Administered Kashmir. And Rauf, the other brother, could be also have send to take charge of the operations in the aerea. Also, some of the JeM sleeping cells in Mumbai might have got actived, and the infiltration attempts from the Machchal sector at the LoC are increasing. Meanwhile, the war of fake news and the calls for war and for jihad are in full swing in Pakistan. Fake reports of ethnic cleasing and mass shooting in the Valley are flooding social media, rumors and venom are sistematically spread by the ISI fabric of trolls. According to some report, pakistani Army has also been distributing guns to the people living near the LoC fuelling fear for an indian aggression. Pakistan can not afford another lost war, and can not even afford to end up blacklisted by FATF using once again terrorists as a foreign politics tool. But desperation is a wild beast, and can drive people to act in despair even if this means shooting your own foot. China and USA should remind Islamabad that bread and economic development are more important than the Army's izzat.
Francesca Marino