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  • masood azhar
    masood azhar
"The only longer term solution that starts to bring peace to the region is to hold Pakistan to the same standards that we hold any country for cross-border interference, violations of sovereignty on the scale we have been seeing for decades now and indeed invasion” says Former Canadian Ambassador in Afghanistan Chris Alexander in an interview given to the Express UK on the current situation in Afghanistan. Adding: "That standard should be set at this point by a very far reaching set of sanctions along the lines of those implemented against Putin's regime for invading Ukraine." But very few Western countries, starting from UK, are going to listen. Each time in fact somebody points out Pakistan's responsability for the raise of terrorism in the region and highlights the need to hold Islamabad responsible for it, meets blank faces and a very consolidated narrative. It starts with the bogeyman of Pakistani nuclear power that could end up in the hands of terrorists. Forgetting the fact that the Pakistani bomb is already in the hands of the largest terrorist organization in the world: ISI. That Pakistan, since its creation, has made of the creation and management of terrorist groups his favorite tool of foreign politics. And that now has in fact successfully completed the invasion of Afghanistan through their Taliban proxies. While, on a diplomatic level, carries on the usual lines: Islamabad must be supported, by giving money to the government, to welcome refugees and fight the same terrorists unleashed by them. Money that will end up, as it has happened in all these years, straight into the pockets of the generals who are now owners of most of the building land on the border with Afghanistan (in cahoots with the Chinese) and who will also extend their land-grabbing business on the other side of the border. Facts are there for all to see, but turning a blind eye has become an habit. Despite facts. In Afghanistan has been formed, by the ISI chief Faiz Hameed, a government of terrorists: they have been living in Pakistan for the past 20 years, many of them studied at Jamia Haqqania Madrasa, the 'jihad university'. In Panjshir, supplies of food and medicine were blocked, the inhabitants were killed in cold blood, the villages razed to the ground. With the help, highlighted by various sources on the ground and eventually confirmed by sources from Centcom and other intelligence agencies, of Pakistani Special Forces helicopters and drones. According to NDS, ISIS-K went from being an insignificant group to a major player on the Afghan scene only with the help of Pakistan. Basically doing, under a different brand, all the 'dirty' jobs that the Taliban could not or did not want to claim as their own. Like the attack on Kabul airport. The attack had the desired effect, ie generating a chorus of advocates stressing the need to recognize the new regime to "prevent Afghanistan from once again becoming a center of jihad". Forgetting that it is already back to being so. Mohammed Nabi Omari, a Haqqani leader with close ties to Al Qaeda was officially appointed governor of Khost by the Taliban. Amin-ul-Haq, Osama bin Laden's former head of security has turned up in Nangahar, greeted by a cheering crowd. According to local sources: “From 17 to 19 August Jaish-e-Mohammed Maulana leader Masood Azhar was in Kandahar to meet with Taliban leaders, including Baradar. The purpose of the meetings was the coordination of joint operations between the two groups. Azhar argues that, instead of focusing on political objectives, the fighters of the two groups should engage in operations centered on India and the jihad in Kashmir ”. The same Masood Azhar had met his ISI patrons few months earlier in Islamabad, to discuss, according to sources, the role of JeM in the months to come. The same sources mantain that, during the meeting, there were few differences on the issue. ISI is giving very clear directions to Azhar and associates: they should support Taliban during the first months, focussing on Afghanistan more than on Kashmir. Abdul Rauf Ashgar, commander in chief of the organisation, insists the group can easily do both. The ISI line of course prevails, and JeM, along with LeT, is put on the job of raising funds for the Taliban and to facilitate the movements of jihadi (including Al Qaida members) from Pakistan to Afghanistan. Meantime, according to eyewitnesses, during the past weeks in POK parties and 'welcome commissions' have been organized to welcome the members of various terrorist groups kidly freed from Afghan jails by Taliban. So, after 20 years, Afghanistan has once again become, and will only get worse in the future, a paradise for terrorists. Ruled by terrorists and remotely managed by a terrorist-sponsor country: Pakistan. Whose old dream of strategic depth fits perfectly with the Chinese imperialist project of the Belt and Road. China, which has no ethical or moral qualms, is already ready to recognize the Taliban with whom it has long been in agreement. The pax Talibana, for the rest of the world, will prove to be worse, much worse, than any war.
Francesca Marino