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'Taliban' Khan and the TLP
  • Imran Khan
    Imran Khan
“I assure you that the objectives of Tehrik-e-Labaik Pakistan (Tlp) are also those of my government. Only our means differ ”. So spoke Imran Khan (Taliban Khan to friends), Prime Minister of Pakistan, ex-cricket champion, ex-member of the London jet set for marrying a Goldsmith (who later dumped him for Hugh Grant) and ex- international playboy. The clarifications bordering on gossip are in this case absolutely pertinent because Khan, in a TV speech, ideologically justified the violent street protests of Islamic fundamentalists that caused a good number of deaths, saw about thirty policemen taken in hostage by demonstrators and later released after negotiations and blocked access to major cities in the country by setting fire to private property and everything that came under fire. Matter of contention the failure to keep the promises made by the government of the same Khan a few months ago after similar episodes of violence, dutifully seasoned with bonfires fueled by French flags and puppets with the effigy of President Macron. Tehrik-e-Labaik Pakistan, a religious fundamentalist party, called for the interruption of all diplomatic relations with France, the expulsion of the French ambassador to Pakistan and the interruption of commercial relations with the country 'guilty' of having allowed the publication and re-publication of the famous cartoons on Muhammad that appeared in the satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo. The members and the then president of the Rizvi party, who died some time later, also asked via social media for the beheading of Macron and all blasphemous Westerners, but these, for the Pakistani government, are trifles. Just as the hundreds of injured policemen, those killed or those practically tortured by demonstrators are trifles. So much so that, after having officially outlawed the party, Khan and his family hastened to open negotiations with those who had just outlawed, accepting the demands of the demonstrators. Parliament, which had undertaken to discuss the expulsion of the French ambassador and the other requests of the now outlaw members of the Tlp, did not give a better show: the session was dissolved and postponed to a later date because among the benches of the lawmakers broke out another uproar based on anti-French slogans and protest placards. Meanwhile, Paris, after having suspended the combat Mirage upgrade from Pakistan months ago, which it had sold to him a few years ago, urges all French citizens to leave the country. Because the story certainly did not end there. The Tlp is yet another monster, in fact, created and nurtured by the Pakistani army and rulers, Imran Khan in the lead, who turns to bite the hand that fed him strong of the influence he exerts on the population. An influence widened by the silencing of the liberal media and the ever-growing Islamization of the country, in which the situation of religious and ethnic minorities now worries even the most indifferent. The Tlp, just to understand, is the party that years ago defended the murderer of the ex-governor of Punjab Salman Taseer, killed for speaking against the anti-blasphemy laws, by showering rose petals at every public exit of the killer from jail to the Court. Which are now used, it should be remembered, as a gun aimed at the head of anyone who tries even remotely to criticize the government, the fundamentalists or the army. And things are bound to get worse. Those unwary few who saw in the former cricket champion educated in Oxford (for sporting merits, it should be pointed out) a figure destined to change the image of the country internationally, had to change their mind. Khan, the prime minister chosen by the army and fundamentalists, is making the country make giant strides, it's true: in bringing it back to the Middle Ages, however. The West and its corrupt mores are blamed for everything wrong, including the staggering number of rapes and violence against women. Which the ineffable Imran, in another public discourse, attributed to the adoption of Western ways, clothing and lifestyle. As if to say: if you go around at night, to university driving alone and without even covering your face, you have gone looking for it. A few years old boys and girls raped in madrassas give thanks, while the country continues its illiberal, undemocratic and anti-Semitic drift. Because the latest idea of ​​Imran (or rather: of his puppeteers) is to accuse the West of using double standards with Jews and Muslims. In practice, he would like to try to force the European nations to take the same measures against blasphemy against Muhammad as against those who deny the Holocaust. It is useless to try to explain to our own the difference between politics and religion. On the other hand, if for Imran Khan Germany borders on Japan (another pearl taken from a speech he made in Iran), the Holocaust and the Nazi crimes are necessarily the same as a satirical cartoon. Moreover, published in a country where secularism is one of the pillars of the state and in a political entity, Europe, where freedom of expression is an inalienable right. Imran-thought follows very specific guidelines: the West is 'Islamophobic', as it refuses to live in the West following Pakistani blasphemy laws. And whoever insults the Prophet, as well as the ladies who drive alone through the Pakistani streets, cannot complain about being murdered or attacked: if he went to look for her. This obviously does not apply to the Uighur brothers: Muslims of series B or C, it seems, since no one has ever heard a word from Islamabad protesting or demanding an account from China for the treatment reserved for the Muslim population of Xinjiang. When asked by a journalist, Imran Khan replied verbatim: "I don't know much, you don't read about it in the newspapers." On the Pakistani ones, strangled by the threats of the army, of course not. And the others don't matter. What matters is to keep the country under the Terror (also that, French, Mr. Khan) while China appropriates, with the connivance of generals and politicians, of ports, islands, roads and cities. If people are busy defending the Prophet's honor and blaming the West, they won't find the time to protest the Chinese occupation.