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Operation Raddulfasad launched across Pakistan
  • Pakistan Army
    Pakistan Army
Islamabad: The Pakistan army has launched its new operation against terrorists across the country is named Raddulfasad [Arabic term aiming to counter the wrongs"> in a statement issued by the Pakistan army office of Inter Services Public Relation.
The operation is stretched to the Punjab province “The effort entails conduct of Broad Spectrum Security and Counter Terrorism operations by Rangers in Punjab”, says the statement”.
Pakistan has launched the Raddulfasad after the current deadliest attack on the Lal Shehbaz Qalander, a Sufi shrine in the Sindh province that killed more than 85 pilgrims and wounded more than 200 as per media reports. The attack was later claimed by the Islamic State through its official news agency Aemaq. And the Pakistani Taliban TTP Jamat ul Ahrar also claimed the responsibility of the attack.
The ISPR mentioned that 100 terrorists across Pakistan were killed in different combing operations after the attack on shrine in Sindh province.
The Raddulfasad operation is mentioned as the extension of the National Action Plan that was launched in the wake up of Army Public School Attack that killed more than 132 school children and faculty members in 2014.
While the Pashtun nationalists, human rights and social activists have criticized the operation launch that targets the “Pashtun Afghans” instead of going after the safe sanctuaries of terrorist groups spread across the country, told Senator Usman Kakar of the Pashtoonkhwa Milli Awami Party, via a phone call.
“The groups active across the country are even now considered strategic assets and interference in neighboring countries is considered as foreign policy of the country”, Kakar told.
Millions of Pashto speaking citizens live in Punjab and Sindh provinces and the number of the traders, business community, the labors and students has increased owing to the increase of terrorist attack across Khyber Pashtunkhwa, Balochistan and Pakistan’s Federally Administered Tribal Areas.
Inspector General of Police Punjab, Mushtaq Ahmad Sukhera has ordered to check all vehicles, motorcycles and persons crossing the Inter-provincial check-posts. He also directed to take prompt action against “persons unable to prove their identity without discrimination”, states the Press Release of the Punjab Police Department.
The Police department has directed its officials to go focus on the areas that are bordered with Khyber Pashtunkhwa and Balochistan provinces as these regions are the crossing points of the Pashtun masses into the Punjab province. The statement has mentioned the Inspector General directives as to “search of vehicles and people, especially to the officials working on check-posts of Attock, Mianwali, Bhakar and Rawalpindi”.
On the other hand a circular by the Mandi Bhauddin Police office was circulated that those people who are having the cultural and traditional dresses and eatery of the Pashtun Afghans should go under observation and arrested because they are involved in terrorist activities. The circular was criticized by the Human Rights activist and political leaders through social and mainstream media of the country for “profiling Pashtun” as terrorists.

Senator Kakar told that they and their party have raised the issue of arrest of the citizens who are poor laborer and working class on National Assembly and Senate floor and would do the same in forthcoming meetings.
Experts, political and social activists are of the opinion that dozens of operations did not yielded because the strategy and mindset of the deep state is not changed and it is the dire need of the nation to come up united for pushing the state to go after “real” terrorists and does not differentiate between in good and bad terrorists anymore.
A Human Rights and Social activist Sanna Ejaz told that it is totally racist and chauvinism based policy to name innocent Pashtun Afghans and profile them as terrorist. “The Pashtun motherland in Pakistan is changed in to hell owing to the state darlings [terrorists"> who were given them sanctuaries and safe heavens in a bid to interfere in the neighboring Afghanistan and bow the progressive and democratic forces of the country at home”, says Ejaz.
The Peshawar based political analyst Gul Marjan, former visiting faculty member at the International Relations department at Peshawar University, is of the view that Pakistan is still stuck to keep a blind eye on the terrorism causing organizations and its leadership though they killed thousands of innocent Pakistani citizens. “The state should change its policy and go for peace in the region unless the terrorist proxies would one day be a death cause for the country” he told.
Malik Achakzai
Researcher and analyst on conflict, culture, climate change, Human Rights in #AfPak region.