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A small shop in the historical center of Brescia, one of the many call centers managed by immigrants, ends for the second time in the viewfinder of the police and intelligence agencies of India. The first time was in 2008 in the aftermath of the attack of Mumbai. From the Medina Trading, property of Pakistani citizens Mohammad Yaqub Janjua and Amir Yaqub, were transferred substantial sums of money and were provided VOIP services to persons involved in the massacre of Indian citizens and foreigners. At the time the two owners were arrested for then be issued almost immediately by the Court of Review, given that the person to whom the funds were transferred was extraneous to the facts. Later it has been proved that the money actually went to members of the Lashkar-e-Toiba who had used the identity of an unsuspecting citizen, but the two owners of the Medina Center remained at liberty although officially 'wanted'. The use of quotation marks is obligatory because in reality the two gentlemen have simply closed the Medina Trading and reopened with the name of Help Services, continuing peacefully their activity. The Help Services is finished in the viewfinder of the Enforcement Directorate Indian for the constant flow of money sent to the separatists of the Hurryat in Kashmir and, according to investigators, the money would have been used to finance illegal activities. The same Enforcement Directorate has issued six international warrants for arrest against Pakistani citizens resident in Italy. The money, traced by the investigators from Brescia up to Indian Kashmir, would have been used to realize the attack of Uri in September last year: the attack to a military station in Indian Kashmir that costed the lives of eighteen soldiers and was defined as the `Bloodiest attack of the last twenty years' to military force in the disputed region. To make both the massacre of Mumbai that the attack of Uri was the same group, the Lashkar-e-Toiba: an organization little known in Italy and surroundings, and which is little debated because in the current perception `operates only in Kashmir`. Nothing could be more wrong, and nothing more dangerous. The LeT is on the list of terrorist groups of the United Nations and its founder, Mohammed Hafiz Saeed, is on the Cia list of wanted. The organization was founded in Pakistan in 1990, and despite having been officially banned in Pakistan maintains offices and seats in Lahore and in other cities of the country while Hafiz Saeed is free to hold meetings and incitement to hatred sectarian and against the West in every square of Pakistan. The LeT, far from being confined to Kashmir, possesses affiliates and cells in 20 countries. Its members come from various countries , Islamic and not. The organization is closely linked to Al Qaida, to Daesh and other Islamic groups operating in Philippines and in Chechnya and possesses a network that extends from Pakistan, India and Bangladesh to Saudi Arabia and Great Britain. Cells of the Lashkar-e-Toiba are also present in Germany, in Spain, in the United States and of course in India, where it established a wide network of dormant cells. It is financed, trained and armed mainly by the ISI, the secret services of Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. The agenda of the organization theorized the spread the propagation of Islam at a global level and considers the jihad as the most suitable means to achieve its objectives. That comprise the `planting the flag of Islam on Washington, Delhi and Tel Aviv`. In Italy, some affiliates to Lashkar-i-Toiba were arrested in 2015 for a resounding wave of arrests of citizens in Pakistani majority made by the Italian police for subversive activities. Not only: During a couple of international conferences organized by the same Lashkar-e-Toiba there were some individuals resident in Italy and linked to islamic fundamentalists organizations operating on the territory. In the years Italy has been a privileged place for a number of terrorist organizations that have worked cheerfully and freely: one for all the Tamil Tigers, who collected funds and organising their activities from Sicily. At the moment the various jihadi groups have an easy life: all the attention is focused on the Isis and on those who go to flesh out the ranks of the sad Caliphate in Syria and its surroundings. The other, provided that use different symbols and maintain a low profile, provided that they do not operate directly in the West, live peacefully and undisturbed. Daesh or Isis whatever claims now everything, but very often, investigating the individual performers, one discovers a connection with Pakistan. And the training camps in Pakistan, or at least the majority of them are managed by the Lashkar-i-Toiba.
Francesca Marino
tweets at @francescam63