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27 March “Black Day”: Accession Of Balochistan At Gunpoint
  • 27 March “Black Day”: Accession Of Balochistan At Gunpoint
    27 March “Black Day”: Accession Of Balochistan At Gunpoint
March 27th, 1948 is a day forever remembered in Balochistan as ‘The Black Day’. Prior to this day, Balochistan was an independent and sovereign country. After the Partition of British-India the autonomous region as known as the Princely State of Kalat was recognized internationally as an independent Nation administered by the Khan of Kalat. Less than 6 months after the creation of Pakistan, Balochistan was forcibly annexed by the Pakistani State.
After decades of empty promises of development and infrastructure, the Baloch, and many others including Sindh nationalists, have abandoned all hope of Pakistan. Despite being rich in natural gas, coal, copper, gold, and many other valuable resources, the indigenous population is deprived of benefit from the development of these resources. This has resulted in widespread nationalism and
In response, the Pakistani State government has unleashed their Army upon the civilian residents of Balochistan. Activists and their families are abducted, tortured, murdered and their remains eventually dumped. Entire villages are indiscriminately bombarded by gunship helicopters and mortars. The inhabitants are displaced, persecuted, and often outright massacred.
Baloch nation has been observing 27 March as ‘Black Day’ since the occupation of Balochistan in 1948 and each year they renew their pledge to continue the struggle for liberation and urge the international community including United Nations to support the Baloch freedom movement. Their calls for support so far have fallen on deaf ears as Pakistan and Iran continue to commit crimes against humanity in occupied Balochistan and the world watches in silence.
Despite the silence of civilised world on ‘slow-motion’ genocide of Baloch people, the community vows to continue the liberation struggle and their advocacy against human rights violations in occupied Balochistan. Pakistan forces have intensified their brutalities against Baloch people.
It is pertinent to mention that Pakistani state continues its military actions, enforced-disappearance of Baloch activists and the kill and dump policy across occupied Balochistan.
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